Add Photos Of Your Collection

Published by: JJ Hendricks on November 10, 2021

Add Photos Of Your Collection
You can now add photos of your sports collection directly to SportsCardsPro and share your collection with the world.

We've added the ability to add up to 8 photos of your collection. To start:

Click the "+ photo" link on your collection page or visit the add photos page.

Choose the photos you want to add. You can "delete" existing photos too.

Submit the new photos.

The photos will show up on your collection pages as a thumbnail. Click on any thumbnail to see the full size photo.

If you choose to share your collection with other people, they will see your collection photos too.

You've put lots of time and money into your collection. Or maybe you have a unique way to display your cards. Inspire other people. Add a photo today and share it with fellow collectors.

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