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Why Sell on SportsCardsPro

No Fees

  • No listing fees.
  • No sales fees. You only pay a payment processing fee.

Easy to sell

  • Takes seconds to list, manage, and ship your items
  • Tools built to streamline the process for large & small sellers

How Selling Works


Create a listing in seconds


Buyer pays you directly


You ship the item


More Details about Selling sports card on SportsCardsPro

What are marketplace fees?

Creating an account is free.
Creating a listing is free.
Selling an item is free.
You only pay a PayPal payment processing fee.

See how much you would save compared to eBay or Amazon with our side-to-side fee comparison.

How will I know when my item sells?

You will receive an email when one of your items sells.

The email will include all the shipping and payment information needed to mail the game to the buyer.

What are seller requirements?

You need a Paypal "business" account (you don't need to be a business though).

You must live in the USA and Canada.

How do I get paid?

Buyers pay via credit card, debit card or PayPal. You receive the funds in your Paypal account.

All payments are processed using PayPal and they do charge payment fees.

How does SportsCardsPro make money if listings are free?

We have some ads on the site and sell premium features to retailers & collectors.

Our costs to run the site are very low so we pass these onto the community. We have no plans to charge fees to sell.

What countries are supported?

USA and Canada. For now, the marketplace only supports buyers and sellers in the USA and Canada.

We plan to add support for other countries in the future. We don't have an exact time frame for international support though.

How much will I receive for shipping?

$0. All domestic orders receive free shipping. You should factor shipping costs into your listing prices.

You will receive extra money for orders shipping internationally. See the full list of extra amounts based upon the type of item.

What can be bought and sold on the marketplace?

Can: Any individual basketball card.

Cannot: At this time you can't buy or sell sports card lots, sports memorabilia, or any items with no listing on our site. You can't sell reproductions, fakes, or reprint cards.

If you think we're missing an item that should be included please let us know.

What is a "descending price auction" and how does it work?

The price of your item will automatically decrease until it sells.

You choose the start price and the minimum price. The listed price is slowly lowered towards the minimum until someone buys it.

Read more details and benefits descending price auctions.


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Take/Upload a sports card photo. Find the best match in our database.

Example Photos

Great Photo
great photo example
  • Clear Photo
  • Rectangle Shaped Card
  • Minimal Background
Bad Photo = Poor Result
bad photo: too much background and blurry
  • Too Much Background
  • Blurry
Bad Photo = Poor Result
bad photo: angled edges
  • Shot From an Angle So
    Card is Not a Rectangle
Bad Photo = Poor Result
bad photo: cutoff
  • Cutoff Part of Card

Best Matches