Launching Card Centering Calculator

Published by: JJ Hendricks on March 1, 2021

Launching Card Centering Calculator
You find a great card worth a decent amount. You consider getting it graded, but you need to decide if it's worth mailing in to PSA, BGS, or some other grading service. The first thing you probably look at is the centering.

Today we launched our Card Centering Calculator to help.

In two easy steps you can get a grade for your card's centering.

Step 1: Take a photo of your card
Step 2: Click submit

Within seconds our servers will measure the borders and calculate the centering score for you.

The Centering Calculator gives you border measurements on all four borders, and the overall grade (10, 9, 8, etc), and the overall ratio.

The calculator is designed for cards with distinct borders. In the future, we plan to add support for cards without obvious borders but for now you will only get meaningful scores if the card is a clear border and you follow the tips below.

Tips for Good Results
  • Take a photo with a single background color that contrasts the border color. White border? Then a black background is best.
  • Photograph the card directly on top so the card looks like a rectangle in the photo.
  • Remove the card from any sleeves
Try the Card Centering Calculator today. Good luck with your grading.

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