Collection Total Cost/Profit & Sport Level Details

Published by: JJ Hendricks on October 11, 2021

Collection Total Cost/Profit & Sport Level Details
You can now view your total collection cost and total collection profit. AND you can view sports level details so you know how much your baseball cards are worth vs your basketball vs your Hockey cards.

The cost and profit are visible on all collection pages.

To see the collection value by sport, you need to filter the results to a specific sport.

* Click "Sort Filter"
* Choose the sport from "Sport" dropdown

See Cost & Profit by Set

You can also view set level details to see how much your 1952 Topps Baseball cards are worth.

* Sort by sport first
* Type the set name in the "Filter by Set" section
* Click the set you want from the dropdown

Cost & Profit Are Private

The cost and profit values are only visible to you. If you share your collection with someone else they will only see the value and the number of items.

View your collection today and try out these new features.

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