Profitable Grading Suggestions

Published by: JJ Hendricks on May 4, 2021

Profitable Grading Suggestions
Do you own any cards are profitable to grade? Our collection tracking tool now shows you when you own a card that can be graded and make you money.

While browsing your collection you'll see star icons next to the price on some ungraded cards. These stars let you know how profitable grading this card will be. Five stars means more than $1,000 profit by grading (assuming you receive PSA or BGS 9).

If you hover or click on the stars you will see how much you would make if the card received a better or lower grade. We take into account the cost to grade the card and the difference between the current value and the value after being graded.

You can then make a decision to grade your card or not based on the card's condition. You can use our card centering calculator to help you determine the grade.

This tool is free for everyone for the first 30 items in your collection. If you want to see these recommendations on all your cards and cards in other user's collections too, you will need to have a premium account. For only $6/month you'll save hours determining which cards to grade and hopefully earn a big profit grading your cards too.

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