See Your Completion % On A Set

Published by: JJ Hendricks on September 29, 2022

See Your Completion % On A Set
You can now view the percentage of cards you own for any set.

View a set page (1986 Fleer Basketball for example) and the total number you own will be shown on the screen. We also include a nifty graphic showing you how close you are finishing the whole set.

This tool works with filtered results too. For example:

* % owned of base cards for 2020 Mosaic Basketball (more about this option below)
* % owned of Kyle Kuzma #1 2020 Mosaic
* % owned of rookie cards in 1986 Fleer

Whatever you are collecting, you can track your progress towards completion.

When you complete the collection you'll see a change in color for your progress graphic too...Just a little "congratulations" from us.
Percent of Games Owned

Filter By Parallel/Variant

Filter out variants
You can now filter set results to exclude variants/parallels.

In the filter box, choose to "include" or "exclude" variants. And refresh the results. You can then see a list of all the base cards for a set and remove "Error" cards or all Chrome, Prizm, etc parallels.

Thanks for using SportsCardsPro.

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