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Published by: JJ Hendricks on October 2, 2020 Has Launched
Today we launched so card collectors can get accurate prices on their sports cards.....and its free.

On one convenient page you can see:
  • Ungraded price
  • PSA and BGS graded prices
  • Historic sales
  • Chart showing historic prices
  • Photo of the card
PSA & BGS Zion Williamson Prices Screenshot of Zion Williamson 2019 Prizm Page

SportsCardsPro is launching with other tools for card collectors too.
At launch our database includes more than 120,000 basketball cards. We plan to add baseball, football, and other sports in the near future.

To calculate the values for each card, we constantly monitor eBay for sports card listings. After a sale we match the listing to a card in our database, determine the grade, and remove junk/fake/reproduction listings. Then we run all the sales data through our proprietary algorithm to calculate the market value. The parent company to SportsCardsPro has been using this same technology for thirteen years to run the industry leading video game price guide,

Please checkout SportsCardsPro and give us your feedback. We always want to improve and add features that sports card collectors need.
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