Value Sports Card Lots in Seconds

Published by: JJ Hendricks on March 26, 2021

Value Sports Card Lots in Seconds

Do you ever buy cards in bulk or see a list of cards and wonder how much you should pay? Looking up the value of multiple cards takes a long time.

You can now use our Lot Value Automater to value a list of sports cards in seconds.

Here's how it works.

Choose the Sport.

Choose the Set.

Paste or type a list of cards.

Valuation Page

After our bots value your cards you're taken to a valuation summary showing the total value, cards found with their individual values, and the text you entered with the cards highlighted.

You can remove cards that were found in error.

And add cards that our bots missed. The total value updates after each change.

Video Showing the Lot Value Automater in Action

A few other features that can be helpful. The lists/values are saved for 30 days. You can share the results with anybody. And you can enter a custom name for each lot, ie "John's Cards 3/20/2021" or "eBay 123456789".

Try out the Lot Automater today and please give us your feedback on it too.

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