SportsCardsPro Set Indexes

The set specific indexes are an average price for a particular set of cards. For example the average price of 1986 Fleer Basketball cards or the average price of 1952 Topps Baseball cards over time.

The indexes show you how the average card is changing in value. Is average card increasing in price? Or are they falling? The index is a good indication of the health/popularity of a particular set.

The indexes show the average and the median price. The median price is the middle price. There are just as many cards priced above this point as there are cards priced below. The median isn't impacted by a few really expensive cards, while the average will change more if the really expensive cards change in value.

How Is the Index Calculated?

Indexes are the average, ungraded price of all cards released for that particular set with a few cards excluded.

Excludes Parallels. Only base cards are included. For example, Prizms, Refractors, etc parallels are excluded.

Excludes Graded Cards. Graded card values are not included. Indexes only include ungraded cards.

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